Liberal government policies create new jobs


Rakiyawa has identified the new culture in our country where the government is promulgating new liberal economic policies to generate new job vacancies. Taking the cue we have striven to bring employers and employees together on our platform to enable both to meet their mutual aspirations.

This shift in the right and progressive direction would see the government’s pledge to create one million jobs in Sri Lanka within five years becoming a reality.

The government would also have to revamp our education system to fall in line with the present requirements of a globalized economy, where the use of an international language like English has become imperative for our local graduates to succeed in the vacancies created.

When new jobs are created in our country in the future it is important that we have the citizenry capable of fitting those jobs, if not expatriate companies would have the option of employing foreign nationals for the top jobs in their organizations.

If this was to happen it would be a very sad state of affairs, and could also create political turmoil like the two insurrections our country had to experience during the seven decades that we are an independent nation. Helping applicants find their way in the competitive employment sector from preparing their cv, training them in the required skills and guiding them through till they succeed in a top job has been rakiyawa’s forte.

Rakiyawa specializes in finding some of the best jobs in the Sri Lankan jobs market, which is vibrant and competitive. Those who manage to succeed in a top job Sri Lanka having been helped and channeled through us are holding responsible topjobs in important sectors of many industries.  


Google’s gift to the digital world

Google has given to the world an invaluable gift that has brought within the reach of anybody, any information needed, anywhere in the world of anything and everything. They created the right environment for the birth of online marketing.

Google’s search engines are gigantic receptacles of information and providing the opportunity of using it to optimum benefit and maximum advantage.

The regular innovations that Google keeps adding to make the search engines user friendly have given them a distinct advantage over their competitors, Yahoo and Bing, making them number one, in customer preference.

The world’s digital marketing professionals have taken Google search engines and turned them to benefit their internet marketing strategies, by innovating new and positive approaches to target prospective customers.

It is possible today to target individual’s email addresses which is a very common phenomenon, by well planned and strategized email marketing initiatives. This medium whilst being very convenient to initiate, is very effective and is also a very cost saving exercise.

If your brand is awarded a high search engine optimization ranking, with the auspices of Google’s 200 point ranking system your brand is sure to find that special niche on the marketing digital platform

To master the SEO platform and use it to your brands advantage you will need continuous maintenance of your website by a hardworking seo company. Tardiness and a lethargic attitude by your seo company will jeopardize the position of your brand.

A sustained and aggressive seo services campaign has to be well planned and implemented if you need your brand to lead the way ahead of your competition.

It is found that 65% of business is concluded on mixing social obligations with business hence social media marketing is an important aspect of digital marketing.